Project 365. Ice

Ice is cold, ice is dangerous… but it can be fun, like ice-skating cannot be done without it, smoothies are yummy…A favourite drink tastes just perfect on a wintery evening by the fire…

And for a devoted fisherman, an ice on a lake is a one of the most awaited moments during winter (at least in post-soviet countries – remember my father and uncle could not wait until the lake would freeze completely so they could go out on ice, bore a hole in the ice and fish to their heart content). I have to say, seeing and more importantly actually standing on a frozen lake is a moment to remember. On our way back to Vilnius from Druskininkai we stopped by a lake Glėbo Ežeras that was frozen solid and there were some fishermen actually getting ready for a day on ice.

Frozen lake
Fishermen on ice

I love winter. It is beautiful, it is magical, it is a magician 🙂



Project 365. Hot Drinks

As per #PhotoBlog365 challenge, this days theme is “Hot Drinks”…well, here’s one hot drink that one would not find everywhere else. It’s home-made, lightly alcoholic lithuanian brew made of bread with few raisins thrown in for a special hint. This particular brew can only be found in one place in Lithuania – family owned restaurant on the way to Druskeninkai from Vilnius – Pirciupio Korcema (Pirčiupio Karčema). Have to say, the food there is gorgeous, authentic and also home-made, people are friendly and apparently one can even stay there for a night if need be.