Project 365. Music

This is one of my older works. I was experimenting with lens bursts and panning, so this was the result of mixing lens burst, long exposure and low light, with Cutters Warf providing beautiful lighting. There was hardly any processing done apart from cropping…so i am quite pleased with the outcome still.

I called this image “Belfast beat”.

Belfast beat


Sunday walk

Well, even thou this weekend turned out to be a hectic mess, one good thing – we did manage to get out and have a lovely walk in the woods at Belvoir Forest park with Cupcake (our chocolate lab) and Lola (cute little pug we are looking after for our friend for a few days).

Even thou the start of that Sunday did not promise anything good, by midday it cleared up, and by the time we returned home the sun was shining full blast. Cupcake was extremely happy to get out and run free; Lola was a bit worried at first, but then realised all the fun she could have in the daffodil fields and enjoyed the walk also.