Project 365. A sound you heard

A sound you heard …

A sound you heard –

a rustle of leaves,

a bird timidly tweeting ,

a squirrel scurrying through the grass,

a crow circling high above,

wind going through empty branches,

a sound of silence – a silence of snow…


The silence of snow

This was a bit of a lyrical take on the today’s theme. The theme did get me thinking about all the sounds we hear or not hear when we actually do realise that we are in the present moment…

Well this trail of thought got me all the way to silence, as apparently when snow starts to fall it gets quiet. It turns out the snow muffles all the sounds and it seems like the world gone silent. If you do by any chance get across falling snow, do stop for a second and listen – you will hear silence.

…And just to add a few more sounds …



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