Project 365. Frosty

Frosty mornings are fun.


Project 365. C is for…

C is for coffee in the morning with a warm cream bun…



Well, in my case it is a bit healthier option of a drink – a chicory root drink, but with a coconut fresh cream bun on a side (not so healthy šŸ™‚ ). But I have to say that chicory is great as a coffee substitute, with the benefit of having no caffeine. Really healthy stuff.

Project 365. A sound you heard

A sound you heard …

A sound you heard –

a rustle of leaves,

a bird timidly tweetingĀ ,

a squirrel scurrying through the grass,

a crow circling high above,

wind going through empty branches,

a sound of silence – a silence of snow…


The silence of snow

This was a bit of a lyrical take on the today’s theme. The theme did get me thinking about all the sounds we hear or not hear when we actually do realise that we are in the present moment…

Well this trail of thought got me all the way to silence, as apparently when snow starts to fall it gets quiet. It turns out the snow muffles all the sounds and it seems like the world gone silent. If you do by any chance get across falling snow, do stop for a second and listen – you will hear silence.

…And just to add a few more sounds …


Project 365. Ice

Ice is cold, ice is dangerous… but it can be fun, like ice-skating cannot be done without it, smoothies are yummy…A favourite drinkĀ tastes just perfect on a wintery evening by the fire…

And for a devoted fisherman, an ice on a lake is a one of the most awaited moments during winter (at least in post-soviet countries – remember my father and uncle could not wait until the lake would freeze completely so they could go out on ice, bore a hole in the ice and fish to their heart content). I have to say, seeing and more importantly actually standing on a frozen lake is a moment to remember. On our way back to Vilnius from Druskininkai we stopped by a lake Glėbo Ežeras that was frozen solidĀ and there were some fishermen actually getting ready for a day on ice.

Frozen lake
Fishermen on ice

I love winter. It is beautiful, it is magical, it is a magician šŸ™‚


Project 365. Magic

Winter is a magical time of the year, and not only because of Christmas and New Years celebrations. When snow starts to fall, everything changes in nature. Snow changes landscapes into scenes out of fantastic stories, trees and bushes turn into magical creatures. It’s a wonderful feeling, sitting inside the warm house by the fire, when the temperatures starting to drop below zero and snow starts to fall , and then at night magical patterns start to appear on windows.

I alway loved to wake up in the morning to see those frosted patterns and it always felt like some kind of magic worked on our windows during night just for me. I grew up, but I still love to see frosted patterns on windows and they never repeat themselves.

So here’s Winter Magic at work šŸ™‚


Project 365. Hot Drinks

As per #PhotoBlog365 challenge, this days theme is “Hot Drinks”…well, here’s one hot drink that oneĀ would not find everywhere else. It’s home-made, lightly alcoholic lithuanian brew made of bread with few raisins thrown in for a special hint. This particular brew can only be found in one place in Lithuania – family owned restaurant on the way to Druskeninkai from Vilnius – Pirciupio KorcemaĀ (Pirčiupio Karčema). Have to say, the food there is gorgeous, authentic and also home-made, people are friendly and apparently one can even stay there for a night if need be.